bioWOODS are all-natural woods. Therefore, we recommend:

  • Please rinse woods with water before use. All woods are buoyant and need to be soaked around 1 month to become waterlogged to sink.

  • Woods must be temporarily subjected in the initial setup to avoid buoyancy by using rocks, anchors, wood tight, etc. until the wood waterlogged completely to sink.

  • Woods may release tanning's during initial setup. Tannins brings a cognac look to the water like it happens in natural rivers like in amazon. You can control the amount of tannins in water by frequent water changes. Tannins are not harmful to aquarium living organism.

  • If you want to avoid tannins on the initial phase you can boil in water the woods for few hours to release as many tannins as possible. You can also submerge the woods one month before using them in the aquarium.

  • Saprolegnia may appear during the initial stage. It looks like a white fungus on top of the woods. If it occurs, scrap and suction it out with a small tube frequently. Normally it will disappear naturally one month after initial setup. These bacteria are absolutely harmless and aquarium dwellers as snails, shrimp and some fish enjoy it as food. 

  • Woods may decrease the pH level in water. Therefore, a minimum kH of 3 is recommended to create a buffer effect and control frequently pH level, specially if you are adding CO2.



Horn wood is a heavy wood with branch shape, you can combine several pieces together to create a layout like a big fallen trunk with branches. The unique wild-looking texture and colors of the wood brings up the expression of a layout.


Available in S, M and L size.



Sculptural pieces with a multiple interwined roots, whitish and reddish colour tones are part of their form. Each piece is unique, and their visual impact will be the focus of attention of any composition. Cut in small pieces or combine different pieces in a group to create a layout with more complexity and high impact. This type of Wood has high demand and supply is limited.

Available in M, L and XL size.


Root with yellowish-brown hue and interwining roots. A very versatile root that allows creation of complex structures when is gather in several pieces, specially recommended for Nano aquariums from cero to 100 liters.

Available in small size.



The bestseller of Aquascaping, red moor roots has been carefully selected and treated with sand blast. Its polished surface creates unique and innovate masterpieces. Red moor root richness in shapes and sizes, allow creations with outstanding creativity.

Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL



Complete tree-trunk shape piece with roots, it is perfect to create brilliant compositions of emerged or submerge tree forests. Layouts create with this type of wood, provide a great visual impact with a large impression of depth.

Available in S, M size.



Similar to TREE FOREST but this one comes in small size and darker color, specialized piece for the creation of forest landscapes, fit perfect in aquariums Nano from 20 to 120 liters.

Available in small size.



Driftwood material that has been exposed to water, sun and wind exposure to outdoor conditions. They are unique pieces that are shaped for elements of natural wear and tear. Their weight let us assemble aquariums worry-free

Available in S, M,L size



Unleash your creativity with this loose root, this piece let you add more complexity and originality to your creations placing roots inside surface cracks or complement and enlarge the roots of your wood trunk, tree or bonsai… to attach is necessary to  use GLUEGEL

Available in S and M size.



Wood in tree-shaped form looking like in a distance place, its available in a very dark color tone. An essential resource to enhance depth with no boundaries in aquascape, add to your woods and landscape creations.

Available in S and M size.


Create very detailed and complex aquascapes with the use of roots, you can wrap and cover stones, rocks and steep terrain. Additionally, you could add to your tree tops like MEADOW CROWN roots to create a tree style MEADOW TREE tailored thanks to GLUEGEL.



Tree tops with different shapes and options design to create outstanding trees to create unique and inimitable aquascapes. The wide array of options let immitate a large selection of tree species. You could also add roots with PRADO ROOT using GLUEGEL.



Whole trees with roots in unique and amazing shapes. You can stand this piece in your layout, by laying it on top of stones that can be cover with their roots using GLUEGEL.


Unique and unforgettable creations of MEADOW TREES rooted above Millennium stones. Astonishing naturality and formal cogency, will be the center of all of views in your Aquarium.



Little trees for Nano aquariums with a great realism and naturality. Wood trunk in a roots shape let you split on several trees, at the same time, you can assemble more than one piece just to create a single bigger tree with a large and complex trunk. You can install on the top of the stones using GLUEGEL.


WILLOW TREE compositions ready to use, settle above Millennium stones. You can create impressive landscapes, very easy and fast, placed in order to size, high and volume to obtain highest depth possible.