Biocosmo belongs to the Group GNL,  a group of Companies which is headquartered in Barcelona , Spain. We are a recently formed and dynamic Company with ISO 9001 and 14.001 certifications.



Our mission: We provide professionals and the wider public with products, services and solutions which help mankind re-engage with nature in a sustainable and emotional way.

Our offering: A premium range which reflects our commitment to quality and affordability.


  • Bioscaping:  Turn-key customized theming services and solutions. View

  • BioBrands:  High-end proprietary products for the specialist wholesale channel. View



Our purpose:  Provide solutions via premium Brands that raise nature to living art status for the most demanding clients with a special sensitivity for nature, well-being, art and excellence

Applications:  Delivering nature to people and spaces: retailing, interior design, decoration, luxury spaces, hotels, restaurants, waiting areas, well-being spaces... 

Our distributed brands

BIO:  Our brand, the highest expression of our know-how through our own portfolio products and services.

Exhibits and materials for the recreation and display of natural habitats: aquariums, furniture and  fittings…

Solutions and tools to reproduce  natural landscapes: rocks, trees, plants, tools, adhesives…

Technological support systems to set and maintain the natural habitats environmental conditions: lighting, temperature, filtration…

Welfare and maintenance of natural habitats: animal husbandry and feeding, water and plant treatment…

Takashi Amano brands


We are exclusive Iberian Peninsula distributors for Takashi Amano products, worldwide recognized brand for design excellence and technical performance.

ADA is the brand founded by sensei Takashi Amano creator of the 'Nature Aquarium’. ADA has been designing and marketing for over 2 decades the most exquisite and extensive range of products for the creation and maintenance of aquascaped and planted aquariums with full system design.

DOOA is the new product line of Aqua Design Amano. DOOA product line is for the creation and maintenance, without complications, of green oases indoors with beautiful and polyvalent aquatic plants- in submerged and/or emerged state- with infinite decorative and interior design possibilities.


Aquatic plants in in vitro format of unprecedented properties and in the new WABI-KUSA MAT format that launches a world of new possibilities.