Natural materials are the main element of expression in the aquarium habitat creation process. Stones and wood lose their generic meaning to become sculptural masterpieces that attracts everyone’s looks.


Frequently the main budget effort goes to technical components like filters, illumination… when actually the natural materials and their composition determinate the final result, its beauty and satisfaction.


For that reason, bioDECOR offers the most complete and exquisite selection of natural materials, unique pieces crafted by nature from all continents: Japan, Malaysia, China, Africa, America, Europe…


Materials are carefully selected in origin by piece, collectors pick up only the ones with the best texture, shapes and colors… to guarantee the best quality to our clients; besides that, we offer our very own Premium Selection process, a second accurate selection of the most beautiful pieces directly made in our facilities, to bring an outstanding quality for our prestigious clients.


With bioDECOR you will enjoy like never before the art of creating nature.